The Winking Peacock

King Garrett (Aka, Winking Peacock) , The Third Day Ranch

I have a ton of things on my “list” this summer to do with the boys, but herding peacocks wasn’t on the list. My husband is a bird man, in fact I call him the birds and bees man for reasons we won’t go into this time. He has always loved birds, macaws, pheasants, quail, turkey, duck, chicken, you name it, that man is a big bird lover. So when he came home with two peacocks in tow one Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t surprised. To look out the window and see your husband carrying a huge, gorgeous peacock into the barn might be strange at your house, but not on The Third Day Ranch. What was strange was the event that happened next.

With barn doors closed, all doors and windows secure in our rough-sawn pine, wooden barn, the colorful creatures, new to the ranch, decided to make their escape by way of the 6″ crack in the space where the wall and ceiling met. Looking up, one can’t see the opening left from the newly structured barn, but those smart birds on that day found it, and have been free-ranging on our 115 acres since.

We weren’t sure they stayed on the ranch, so one day Dad and the boys went hunting and they found what Ethan, my 6 year old curly headed son,  described to me as a “huge nest” the had made. Apparently his imagination got away with him, but I still had to go see the free-ranging creatures, I mean how often is it that you have such beautiful animals roaming around in the wild? As a mom, I was concerned, what are they eating? Where are they sleeping? These were domestic birds, they aren’t used to being out there naked and afraid. We must rescue them.  So Ethan and I head off on our rescue mission. At least it gave our drive more purpose and excitement.

Ethan took me to the nesting spot where they found the Peacocks the first time. We turned off the clanking Kubota and we sat and waited. We did some calls that we’ve learned from Finding Bigfoot and modified them for a Peacock- I think. Ethan took off barefoot into the bush until I finally convinced him it wasn’t a good idea. He shrugged as if he does it all the time. One look at his feet and I’m afraid to ask. We drove around the group of trees and vines and we spotted something crossing in the distance. Ethan said, “Mom there he is!”  I jumped in the driver seat and proclaimed “This is a job for Mom big boy, move over!” He rolled his eyes and we headed toward the other set of jungle. As we approached, King, I found out his name at that moment, began to run in a way that only peacocks can. It was more of a waddle, semi fast, but he was low enough to escape us.

As I sat and decided what to do, I thought, “This is a moment we may never have again”. As an entrepreneur, I tend to get a bit excited in the moment. I told Ethan to “Hang on, we are going in!”. He scooted closer to me, and I’m glad he did, because about that time I ran over a tree and did things with that Kubota that I’ve only seen in movies. “King, we are coming to get you baby!”. As I drove right through the middle of the brush, hitting vines, they hitting me, we finally had our chance. I drove up right next to King, I leaned in to grab him, and he turned to look at me, then he winked and tucked right under a tree. We drove right past him into the most beautiful sunset. “Tomorrow King. You just wait. We are going to rescue you tomorrow!” Ethan said, “Mom, can we go home now?”

Lesson Learned:  Life is full of beauty if we allow ourselves to see it, sort of like gorgeous free-ranging peacocks.  I have found that the joy is in the journey and adventure rather than the actual capture.  That’s why experiences mean more to me than stuff.

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